Best ways to get rid of Mosquitos

If you are like me and live somewhere where there are tons of these little suckers, then you can feel my pain. Literally. I don't like using things that are chemically to spray on so I have to look for other ways to keep them away. Here is a solution that I have tried and it works perfectly. Lemon Juice. That's it. Simple lemon juice. What I do is pour some in a cup and put them by the windows or near the door. You can even put some in a spray bottle and spray some on yourself if you get a lot of mosquitoes. I was amazed at how they will keep away.

Here is all that you need:

Lemon Juice

Spray bottle

All items can be easily found on amazon (it's where I shop for everything!)

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Best Phone for Pokemon Go!

Okay, so everyone is most likely playing pokemon go, right? Not only if the game so much fun for poke lovers, but it can drain your phone. The biggest problem many have encountered is that their phones are not compatible, what??? Well, fret no more. If you are an Amazon prime member, you can get this phone for under $60 and its just as good as any top of the line phone. The Blu phone has Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow, including Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail and more! Totally compatible to download app.

Click the link, find out more and purchase if you want an awesome phone for pokemon go

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Free Coke Rewards Codes

V6V6X66 W96MVTO and HJ79LMH NF9X5XB Will be posting more, I have many and dont participate in the program but want to help others :)

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Busy, busy Mom

I have been so busy and it is so easy to forget the little things. Each time I say to myself just post some updates, something comes up and, well, here we are. The end of the school year is finally here and it may sound strange, but I have some free time now than I did during the school year which was keeping me busy with school functions, fundraisers, etc. Ahh....Summer is here. Lets see what's in store for us all :)

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Fighting addiction and getting help

I have mentioned before that I do have a family member that is fighting addiction, everyone has their thing and his is alcohol. I was researching places and how they are able to get help and I have to admit that there are so many helpful resources out there and in our are that can help our loved ones. For instance, hydrocodone rehab and the site gives you full detail on how you can get help for that particular rehab. Being supportive and showing them that we care is so important as well as getting them the professional help that they need.

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Why I HATE Fed Ex

I have a very strong dislike for this service hat Fed Ex doesnt really do much of and that is deliver packages. I have had at lease 4 bad experiences which is enough for me to officially say that I hate them. The latest one? I am waiting home all day for a package that I ordered to come via two day shipping from Amazon. I had stuff to do so I specifically took that day off, guess what? They never came. I go to the site to track package, which is a joke by the way, and it said an attempt was made, package is back at facility. Well! An attempt was made, but door tag, AND surveillance footage freaking delivery or delivery guy. UPS is my number one choice, ALWAYS, but, it is not up to me how amazon decides to ship their items so I have to pray to the gods that it is not by fed ex. I make a call and pretty much was brushed off and told maybe the driver could not find the address, hahahahahha. Ladies and gents, UPS made a delivery that day and many other days with no problems. MY package had time sensitive material and I have to wait extra days to get it because they dont do weekends. Pardon my french, but fed ex are fucking ass wipes that needs to get their shit together! /end rant

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Guitar lessons Online

I swear this is the best thing ever. First let me say I respect any and everyone that can play, I am a beginner, well not even that, whats before a beginner? That's what I am haha. Any who, I learned the different kinds of guitars and if you want to take it seriously, you will need amt pedals at guitar center. I am so ready to be a bad ass rocker chick...well rocker mom chick, but you know what I mean. Once you get all the equipment you need, start the journey!

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How's the weather in NY?

This is what I get asked when talking to family Well, it's cold and there's snow and its more cold, it sucks. But I always say that, I rather the cold sometimes to the brutally hot summers we have been getting. You really cant win and now the south is having snow, like maybe an inch of it and shut down their towns. hey who am I to laugh when we have the earthquake, it was pretty much the same deal, we are just not used to it!

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Ready for Summer 2014

It is still cold, it's still winter and I am so ready to get that over with and welcome the Summer! We have had some pretty cold days here in NY even close to record breaking! I can not wait for the warm weather for a few thing, the kids love it and I am also planning on getting a playsets virginia beach for them to play in since we have other family members with younger kiddies. We have already started making plans on how we are going to spend the summer. Between spending some family time together and cookouts and more, we are sure to have a great time. We will keep ourselves cool with iced tea and other cool drinks. I just hope that it is not a scorching hot Summer like it has been a couple of years ago!

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New Year, New Resolutions!

Ahh, so we have come to a new year, my goodness! 2014 already huh? Well I can say that so far, this year have been looking really great. I have a fabulous work at home gig that has been keeping me oh so busy! it is one of those jobs that you say to yourself that it is super worth it and do not feel like you are working for slave labor. I still get to do the things that I want to and will catch up on things that I have been slacking on. I love being able to look at my posts form so many years ago and see how much things have evolved. Kisses and Happy prosperous new year to everyone!

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The gift of music

And I do not mean being able to play, I mean purchasing something special for someone who is into music. For instance I plan on getting one of my boys exciting rogue analog delay simply because it was mentioned, and also still brainstorming something else for my youngest. It is so important to make sure that your children enjoy their holidays even if you can't get them he gift they truly want, as long as it comes from the heart, its good enough!

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Holiday Cookies

I love baking during the holidays and will be trying some new recipes and shapes this year, the only thing is trying not to eat them all! I always have to try and test each batch and make sure they are all okay, next thing you know, bam, 10 pounds later I am wondering what the heck happened! Not this time, I will try and refrain myself...hopefully!

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Best ways to remove stains from carpet

Is by not trying out solutions that you have come up with. Seriously it does not work most of the time! Some cranberry sauce fell on an area rug and I swear everyone had an idea of their own that they swore worked. I find that in the case of needing a stain removed, a spot stain remover is your best bet....and it will save your carpet too!

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Turkey Leftover Ideas

So we are all stuffed with turkey and all those delicious goodies, but what to do with all the turkey leftovers? I look forward to this every year because I can often find creative ways to enjoy the turkey without being tired of it.

  • Turkey fried rice

  • Turkey pot Pie

  • Turkey fajitas/Burritos (this one is easy, just toss stuffing, rice and everything in the burrito)

  • Turkey quesadillas

  • Curry Turkey and white rice      
and so much more, the possibilities are endless!

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Back from mini trip!

We had an awesome time with friends who are also avid gamers. The convention was awesome and got to meet plenty of new and old friends. Now that we are back to reality, it is time to purchase an instrument for our middle son, his school wants him to use the old used ones, but we think it is better to get a new one and being a musical family, why not. If you are interested, you can save on kanstul trumpets and these are so much more affordable than the regular ones we see at our local store. I love shopping online because of deals like this! I will post pictures of our weekend trip with friends.

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