AfterSchool Snacks

So the kids come home from school and they are so hungry! What do you do? Well I always make sure that they have something that is quick and easy to make and ready for them for when they come home. The main reason why its great to have them ready, well like adults, kids will come home from school and grab something from the fridge, that may not be healthy. So this way is fun, easy and healthy.

Here is an easy one...English muffin Pizza, all you need is an English muffin, spaghetti sauce and Mozzarella cheese. Heat in a toaster oven, or microwave until the cheese is melted. Here comes the fun part... I set out a tray with chopped pickles, olives, ham, and veggies. That way they can put the toppings on themselves, How awesome is that? Your kids will have a ball making their own(and its better than junk food), try it and they will love it!

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