What would you do/say?

After bringing the kids to school and after the classes go inside, the parents are left to mingle before most of us either go to work, or go back home and wait until school lets out, in my case, I work from home so...well you know what I mean. So I finally met one of my kids friends mom and she was just so nice and awesome, so we decided hey why not have the kids come over to her home and just hang out, nothing wrong with that right?

Well when I went to drop them off at her house and I walked in and there it was on the living room table.....a bag of marijuana! I'm not one for getting in anyones business but there are kids around and that is just not okay with me. Wow...I mean, my heart just skipped a beat because I didnt know what to do....okay, okay think of something...hmmm. "You know what..I just remembered that I forgot something at home, is it okay if we come back later?". What do I say? Okay it was wrong for me to just bail like that, needless to say, I didnt bother going back. But crap. I can't have my kids and others go there and play, I am an awesome mom that has tons of fun with the kiddies and I have no problem with the kids coming to my home, so, I guess I will just say that. *Sigh* well it will most likely be awkward tomorrow, yup.

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