Easy and Healthy Halloween Recipes

We all know that Halloween treats are all about the sweet yummy candies that the kids get. But here is a great idea for some recipes that you can do. Why not some healthy treats? these recipes are not only fun and easy to make, they are super healthy too!!


Cream cheese
Pitted black olives cut in half

Cut the carrots and put a pinch of cream cheese and top with the olives.

Monster Teeth

Slivered almonds

Quarter and core an apple, cut a wedge from the skin side of each quarter, then press slivered almonds in place for teeth.

Tip: If you're not going to serve them right away, baste the apples with orange juice to keep them from browning.

Witch's Brooms


Roll of Fruit by the Foot
Thin pretzels


For each one, cut a 2-inch length from a roll of Fruit by the Foot.

With the shorter ends on the side, fringe the bottom of the strip (leaving a 1/4-inch border uncut along the top) to create thin broom bristles.

Then moisten the upper edge of the fruit with a drop of water and tightly wrap it around one end of a thin pretzel-stick broom handle.

Healthy and fun! Tune in later for more

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