I love my Cable internet!

I was at a friends house and I left my laptop at home (something that rarely happens!!) I wanted to go online and check my emails, which I have to check like a million times per day, lol. So I used her computer and she did something that I have not seen in ages.....she took the plug from her phone and plugged it in the back of her PC and it started dialing the access numbers, ZOMG!! I mean really, I was shocked, so after we finally logged on, it took another million years to access the web pages, ahhhh. I was so frustrated but I kept my cool. Why are you still using dial-up?? Please tell me why? When I got home, I really appreciated my high speed cable internet:)


Lisa said...

Amen, sister! Dial up is so flipping SLOW.

razz said...

hahaha, I know!!