The Mist

Have any of you guys ever heard about The Mist by Stephen King? I just checked out the trailer online and I like the plot, its simple and I can relate. It is not one of those gore or monster films so don't worry about that. I will just really sum it it quick. Imagine being in a life threatening situations with absolute strangers form all different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds.

I remember taking an elevater in a large office building and a group of people including myself were stuck there for what seems like hours. It was almost an hour before we got helped and its amazing what goes through your mind when you are afraid of not knowing what wil happen next. Of course, many of us were not very chatty given the situation, but we eventually tried to calm one another. I was not handeling it well, I just knew that I wanted to get out of there. I was not really friendly but could you blame me? Does this happen in the movie? Who knows. That is why you must make sure that you are there when it hits theaters, I mean this is Stephen King, so you know the movie will rock Thats the feel I get from this movie.

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