Tips To Keeping Your Children Healthy

Unfortunately today, modern conveniences and our extremely busy lifestyles have made it so that keeping our children healthy has become harder and harder. Good nutrition shoved aside for potato chips and french fries. Are you in a hurry? Picking up fast food is cheap and convenient, but unfortunately extremely bad for our child’s health. Fortunately, taking the steps to living a healthier lifestyle can be done without cutting out completely all the ease and indulgence of junk food.

The age in which children start drinking soft drinks seems to grow younger and younger as time goes on, and all this sugar and caffeine isn’t good for anyone, adult or child. By reducing the amount of soda your child drinks, you’re reducing their chances of caffeine addiction, obesity, dehydration, dental cavities and much more. Water, fruit juices, and milk are not only yummy, they’re great alternatives to the sugars and caffeine found in sodas. Introducing these slowly to your child is a great way to improve their health and well being.

Portion control is another key factor in your child’s health. In today’s society, portion sizes are absolutely huge, and more parents are feeding children amounts of food very similar to what an adult should be eating. By serving food on smaller plates, not only does a smaller portion appear larger, but also you just can’t fit the larger amount on there. Making sure your children always get the kids meals at restaurants and fast food chains is also key. By teaching your children about portion sizes when they’re young, you’re instilling a healthy idea of just how much food is “too” much for when they’re adults as well.

Sweets are another key factor in helping our children to grow up healthier, as well all know how much kids love to eat them. In moderation, these treats are fine, but when too many are consumed, risks are increased for weight problems and diabetes. Fruits are the perfect alternative to sweets, as they’re not only loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, they have natural sugars that make them sweet enough for adults and kids alike to enjoy. Fruits are also very pretty and colorful, and creating bright fruit-related desserts can be a great activity with your child.

Nothing is better than a homemade meal, but unfortunately with our busy lifestyles, sometimes we just have to spring for the fast food. A lot of fast food chains have come out with healthier alternatives to the french fries and sodas in your child’s meal, like milk and fruit slices, and these are much better options than their salty counterparts. Whenever you go to a fast food chain, make sure to keep an eye out for the healthier alternatives, and order those for your child instead.

Child obesity is on the rise, and if we want to prevent our children from falling into this fad, we need to take an active role in the health and fitness aspects of their lives. Remember that children are very wary about change, and if your child has fallen into an unhealthy lifestyle, bring about healthy changes like this slowly and in moderation at first. Make it fun, a family affair, and invite everyone to get involved!


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Anonymous said...

Haha, I have no clue when I started drinking carbonated bevarges. But today I have had 2 12oz. pop's and a 20 oz. I also had a candy bar. I think its the daily pace that is causing so many people to be unhealthy.

Great article btw. ;)