Letters From Santa!

Think how cool it would be if your kids can get personalized Letters From Santa?! Well the site helps you with that and more. You can get it sent directly to your child and they will get it in the mail. Not only that, but they will also get a follow-up postcard and door hanger which you can pick which text and size you want on it. Trust me, your kids will adore it and you can make it the most memorable time of the year!


Unknown said...

Darn! I missed this opp. How are you? :)

Unknown said...

Forgot to add, been very busy lately and haven't visited wahm.com til today. Wow, the gpt folder is closed and Cheryl sold the site, huh? Hmmm..it probably won't be the same anymore. :(

razz said...

Yeah There was so much going on, I wrote a post about it here