Successful Fundraising

I dont know if you guys have ever had a fundraiser or thought about having one for whatever reason, but here is a site that says sign up with them, and let them help you. I have personally with other mom groups participated in fundraising for our kids school and let me tell you it could have been easier. It was such a headache trying to sell so many candy that people just did not want, we did make a few sales but it was just not enough for our goal. Many complained that our candy was over priced. One of the things that I do like is that there is a cool auction system that would have helped me in the past. There is a local junior baseball group that is trying to raise funds, and i think that they will love this idea! SHoutback has this daily auction that allows you to sell anything you'd like, and donate a percentage of the sale to the group you are supporting. There are numerous ways for you to help out using shoutback and they give you the steps for it all and with that, you will have success in your fundraising. Shoutback is the key to your Community Organization's Success.

-Visit www.shoutback.com and learn about the advantages of using Shoutback for fundraising.

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