Custom Greeting Cards

This has got to be one of the best things and its photo cards which are custom greeting cards. I was thinking about getting something like this for this years Christmas family get together. Now I can have custom pics of my family and I with the greetings of my choice, awesome! This is perfect for just about anything any holiday or event. The picture that I have in this post is the perfect Photo Christmas Card for us and exactly how I want them to look like. Its great for family who are not close by and to send one to them, plus they will love the look of the card. I went to the site to request a free catalog. I am thinking of getting a calendar with my kids pictures for each month and of course they will be dressed for the theme of each month. I am so excited right now that I emailed the link to my sister who always wanted something like this but never had the chance to search for herself. We might do some cards together with her kids and mines.

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