Romantic Vacation

I am seriously in need of a vacation and I don't know if its because Valentine's day is near but my sister and I were talking about a trip that our husbands took us on a couple of years ago. It was great because they each had their own ways of making the trip special. We went to Las Vegas, which I always wanted to go because something about it drew me to want to be there. Well they made that happen. As soon as we got there we just walked around and visited the local shops There really is so much things to do in Las Vegas. Of course we did hit the slot machines, we won some, and lost some, and some of the clubs there which I must say took my breath away, the club we were in had different themes in each section. After that we went back to the hotel and just looking out in the view alone was enough to take my breath away. It was like something out of a book. I love taking vacations because so much memories can be made and its always fun to take pictures of places you have never been to. If you are in need of vacation ideas of any kind, Trusted Tours & Attractions is the place to go. Go to the site and sign up for the newsletter and you can have a chance of winning a Canon PowerShot digital camera!

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Tom said...

Some really fascinating places up there. Keep up the good work.

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