The Sedona Method

Learn how to uncover your natural ability to surrender within yourself, that is the Sedona Method. I have learned that using all forms of this method will bring a new earth of presence awareness and knowing who you are. Living and loving yourself while finding a sense of peace. Is The Sedona Method a Tool for Spiritual Enlightenment? I truly believe so and if every single person were to follow the method, this Earth will be such a wonderful place. Here is a quote from the site which I loved so much, I will post it here, its just a small line that really made me think: "As you work with The Sedona Method, you learn four basic ways of letting go of the limiting thoughts, feelings, tendencies and reactivity that Tolle collectively refers to as the “ego” and “pain body.”

Its all about being better, healthy and happy, if we can how to Transcend the pain body and ego, we naturally stop creating enemies, conflict and distress and you will find a greater harmony in your internal and external worlds To explore The Sedona Method further, either order your Free DVD and CD and gifts now and be on your way to a better you.

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