Cost Captain

I would love to let you guys know about costcaptain and how they have been helping many. CostCaptain.com is a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller. They sell the brand new Office 2007 Suite and Vista to students and staff of schools, libraries and research labs. I know some moms who homeschool and guess what? They qualify as well! Isn't that great? They offer Microsoft Office 2007 and also 100% Authentic Microsoft products at academic discounts, you also get:

- Microsoft Office 2007 from $129, Vista Upgrade from $89
- Friendly customer service.
- Buyers provide academic eligibility and after that the product is shipped
- Gift certificates that are a great way to give especially during back-to-school and holiday seasons

This is a site that you should know and pass around because I am sure many people would love to know about their services. I would love to get one of those gift certificates for someone I know.

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