Custom Magnets with VistaPrint

I really can not stress how much I just love vistaprint and all the cool stuff that you can get and order from the site. They make it so that you can personalize items that can be of everyday use. They now have custom magnets that you can order, how awesome is that? I already now that my kids would love it and so would friends and family. You can use your own design and upload. I really cant decide what I want, the calendar with my kids picture, of course that will be a large magnet, or some small ones with my husbands business logo? I think I will go for both! Make these yours or as a gift for someone, we love having magnets on our fridge or just about anywhere they can stick to, thanks to the kids. And get this, use the coupon code “Blog25FreeMag” and get yourself 25 Free small magnets! How cool is vistaprint.com right now? While your there, check out some of the other stuff that they do offer like stamps, postcard, etc.

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Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that coupon code for the magnets is expired. At least I tried to use it and it doesn't work.

I found a place that offers 50 free business card magnets and you don't need a coupon: