Sexy Lingerie

I love shopping for lingerie because it really makes us gals feel sexy doesn't it? I mean as a mom I am sure that many of us have those days where we really fees super frumpy so this is a great way to make up for that. My sister and I always shop for them and my friend char does but her problem is that many places do not have Chantelle Bras in her size because she is a full figured gal. But Bits of lace has her sizes and more. We went to the site and just browsed through the selections, really nice stuff there and I am sure that many of you would love too. Some or simple and sexy at the same time. I bookmarked the site so that I can return later, I love shopping online and this is a place where I will be. I am currently in the process of dropping some pounds so I am sure that getting something will make me feel more fit. My sister is planning a lingerie party as well, I have never been to one of those but she has and wants to host one, I think its women only, not too sure. Either way if I decide to go, I know where to get some.

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