Wedding in California

I ws going through my photo albums and my friend and I stumbled accross a picture and it all came back to me, that was on crazy week in Boston. We had a wedding to attend so a week in boston was pretty much good with us, we heard there are so many things to do in San Francisco so after we attended th wedding, we had plans. The problem was we had no idea where the church was located so we got lost, finally found it, sat through half of the ceremony before we realised, thats not the bride and groom that we know! So needless to say we had to exit in a most graceful manner, if thats possible. We really did finally get there and also attended the after party and told everyone the story, we laughed and all was well. After that, the next day we went to the San Diego zoo, the kids had fun and we took tons of pictures. But I also wanted to mention that you can sigh up for the Newsletters and you can get a chance to win an ipod nano. This site has great family vacation ideas which is great for when its time to plan your trips.

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