Another Day in My Life

I am really busy person, but I thought that I would take time out of my hectic lifestyle to really share with you, what it is like to be me. I had a hit series on a cable network and that really jump started my career, I mean I have acted before but this show with the other ladies really took off, so ever since, we have been busy with other projects. As many of you know by now, the show has ended some time agobut the movie will be out in theaters real soon, cant wait to see what you guys think. Have you guys tried my new perfume yet? Its heavenly. Some may call me a fshion icon because of all the outfits that I have worn during the series, some crazy and some really cute. I went shopping to all the boutiques in LA and New York, I love shoes so I bought so many. Most of them were online purchases because its so easy to do that these days without proper identification. Just find a card and start spending! But I am really a celebrity because all the Identification that I found, I mean have says I am. I also want to let many of you guys know just how important it is to get life lock and protect your identity. Because identity theft happens everyday, don't let it happen to you. Be safe with life lock.

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