CARCHEX Car Buying

I am sure tha many will be pleased to hear that CARCHEX is offering a service that will help you when you are in the process of buying a car, the service is called Car Buying Concierge. really wish that I had something like this when we were purchasing our first car. Oh man we went through alot, we were nt really familiar with it and I felt like they were upselling us on as much as they could. When you go to a dealer, it can be pretty scary, especially if you were like us, and have no experience. CARCHEX is available 24/7 and whenever you are ready to purchase new or used, or even from a private dealer, they are there waiting to help you with the step by step process. My cousin wants a car for her 21 birthday and I think that this is perfect for a first time buyer or anyone for that matter. Guess what? If you have any questions, you can call or reach them via live chat, and the best part of everything is that all of their services are free! Do you have any horror stories? I would love to know how CARCHEX could have helped you in purchasing a new car.

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