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Looking for a new job but stuck in your old one, here is Job Matching Site that you can help you with that problem. I was reading about this site and I love the concept, it helps you anonomously search for your ideal job. Here is some more info about it so that you can get a general idea.

itzbig Gets Creative To Reach Passive Job Candidates

Partnering with Third Rail Creative, itzbig Takes a Playful Approach at Helping the Currently Employed Fire Themselves

Austin, TX (April 11, 2008) – itzbig (www.itzbig.com), an industry leader in candidate-matching technology, is changing the way Quiet Working Professionals (QWPs) look for new jobs by introducing the industry’s first real-time job network that allows them to anonymously explore career opportunities as well as obtain immediate feedback on how compatible they are for positions.

itzbig has launched a viral campaign and a web site called http://www.getyourselffired.com/ , a playful attempt at suggesting to QWPs that it may be time to leave their current job if it is unfulfilling. While on the site, QWPs can do fun things like superimpose their face on a catalog of compromising images and read amusing work stress tips. They can also enter for a chance to win a $10,000 sweepstakes by entering a profile on itzbig.

The core message of the site is:
“itzbig can help you find your ideal job. Here's an amusing way to leave your less than perfect one...”

itzbig’s partner on the campaign is Third Rail Creative, an award-winning creative advertising and design agency, which is currently or has worked with Charles Schwab, Chick-fil-A, Continental Airlines, Honeywell, and The Home Depot, among others.

“Third Real Creative was the perfect partner to help us cut through the clutter and reach those technology workers who are currently employed,” said Denise Court, itzbig’s Vice President of Marketing. “Together, we created a viral campaign that uses humor to ultimately communicate the itzbig value proposition that an ideal job is out there for them..”

The recipient of the message are QWPs, who typically are working professionals that want to maintain control of the relationship with potential employers and only explore opportunities where their privacy is guaranteed and they have the ability to interact anonymously until they’re ready to take the next step.

The itzbig network provides built-in privacy controls such as visibility settings for anonymous career exploration. In addition, the network features bi-directional job matching technology, which not only shows how well candidates score against the employer’s requirements, but also how well the employer matches the candidate’s requirements.

Dozens of technology companies in Texas and Silicon Valley -- Advent, CNET, eBay, Logitech, Omnivision, Salesforce, T-Mobile and Yahoo! to name a few -- are posting their positions on the itzbig network.

That unique proposition inspired Third Rail Creative Director Mark Scholes to create the campaign.

“Our objective in creating this campaign was to build a buzz that would spread without the benefit of a traditional multi-million dollar advertising campaign,” said Scholes. “To do that we needed to create an integrated campaign that leveraged the Internet as well as more traditional venues. The objective is to drive them to the site and then slowly make them aware of itzbig and its unique value proposition.”

About itzbig:
itzbig is the first interactive network to allow working professionals to privately explore in real time career opportunities at technology companies. Privacy is critical for working professionals, who need to protect their identity from their existing employers as well as shield their personal data from those with a criminal intent. itzbig serves employers by delivering highly qualified candidates in an efficient manner. This innovative approach rescues recruiters from drowning in a pool of poorly matched resumes.

For more information on itzbig, call 1-888-4itzbig, or email info@itzbig.com

Interested media should contact Holt Hackney at hhackney@hackneycommunications.com, or (512) 478-8858, Ext. 115

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