Personalized Stories Starring Your Child!

Moms, one of the best gifts for your kids is personalized books, they will love it and so will you. When I heard about this concept, I thought it was a pretty cool idea, not too sure how it worked but overall when I saw the end product, I was impressed! With my childs birthday coming up, I thought what a great gift for a child, to see himself in one of his favorite cartoons. My son opened his gift and he saw his name and wondered what is was, then we all gathered around and watched the dvd, it was "Dora the explorer" starring him! He was so elated and his face just lit up because he could not beleive that was his face on the screen and dora is saying his name and wishing him a happy birthday, how cool is that?! We were watching it and sang along, it was just the best ever. I knew it was going to be a cool gift but it was beyond that, its a great wa to have something for your kids like personalized books. There are different stories and dvd's that your child can star in, just order it for a great low price and send them a nice pic of your child and thats all, they do all the work. Watch your child star in his or her favorite stories, trust me, they will love it!

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