Project Orange Thumb

I love gardening and did you know that doing so is a form of creativity? WithFiskars they encourage many others to participate in project orange thumb. The best part is that they do offer grants to many , thats how much they want to get many people involved. Many communities have recieved grants to help with the project. I really love this idea, I love that they offer this to others and in a way it is a step forward toward taking care of our earth. They have been doing this since 2003 and its been very successful. Imagine everyone coming together and gardening? How awesome would that be? I get my kids involved because its fun and I love spending time with them doing something like this and whether it is a school thing or a community thing, its a great idea to get together and get creative. Kids love it and its a great activity for them to be involved in and learn so much at the same time. You can go to the site and gather more information about everything that you may want to know. While you are there, you can also check out the winners. In the picture are one of the winners from The Green Team of South Park High School Buffalo, NY.

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