Spring Vacation Ideas

The kids are of from school this upcoming week and the family and I are thinking of places to go and spend the week. I love this time of year because its not that hot and its just cool enough to have a great family vacation. A couple of years ago we did manage to get San Diego zoo tickets and the kids had a blast there! We took tons of photos and we uploaded it online for everyone to see, including members of the family who could not come. The kids really learned alot from the experience. If you ever decide to go on a spring vacation, I would say it is a must! One of the sites I love to visit is Trusted Tours & Attractions because there you can browse through and find out where you want to go, and get great discount from the tickets that you purchase. I love sightseeing tours and I am thinking thatthere are so much things to do in San Francisco this time of year. Decide where ou want to go and go to the site and take it from there. And if you sign up for the newsletter, you can win a GPS system, how awesome is that? That would come in hany especially during your travels.

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