Web Directories

I really think that listing in a free web directory is such a great way to get your site seen by other people than yourself. No matter what the topic your site or blog may be about, it is one of the best ways to advertise it. How else are people going to know that you or your site exist? I have had my sites listed and actually was suprised that I did get traffic from it, so I would advise that if you ever had a chance to sign up, please do. The site that I listed here is also a great directory to list your sites in. Another thing that I enjoy doing is looking for similar sites like mines and enjoy a great read and who knows, you may even learn a thing or two as well. I do not know how other site owners feel about directories, but I would assucme that not to many bad things can be said about getting your site out there and so that people can find you. Many of my blogging buddies as well as friends that I know that own their own sites or forum has submitted to directories at one point or another.

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