Need a Home Makeover

Okay, I am seriously in need of a homemakeover and I have been searching around and guess what I found? Triscents is giving everyone a chance to Tranform Your Home and just by how do you ask? They are giving you a chance to win $20,000. I would use that for maybe my kitchen or our bedroom. I have so much ideas for my kitchen and I hate the cabinets that we have now, along with just about everything else. You cant really see from that picture mainly because I am embarrased to show it in public! So much parts of the house needs a makeover. BUt remember that all submissions are only valid if you send a picture or a video as well as an essay of inside your home that needs the makeover. You need to explain with great detail why your home should win and get this needed makeover. So go on ahead and see if you get the chance to Transform Your Home! Just in case you need to really know exactly what is neede and by when, you can always go to the site so that you can Be sure to follow the official rules. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and submit your reasons why you need it!

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