What Credit Cards Are For You?

I dont know about you but with somany differet cards out there, how do we truly know which ones are worth it for us. Not everyone is the same so I would think that each ones has something different to offer each individual. My Cousin is talking about gettin one but does't know where to start. I suggested that she reads some credit card reviews and learn more, so that way she can see for herself who offers cash back, low APR's, you know, things that can benefit us without costing too much. Maybe something with no annual fees. Only one wa to find out and that is by visiting creditcardsclub.com and see whats the deal on many of the popular cards.


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Anonymous said...

It is important to know how the credit card company repays the cash rebates. When the cash rebates are added to the account at the end of each month, it is the best way to get paid back. However, it is not always the case.