Wimbledon Tickets

One of the things that I have always wanted to get my hands on, are some Wimbledon tournament tickets and actually attend and be there and I think that sarah, my good friend, is scoring is some tickets so that we can attend the tournament sometime in July.I can't wait and I am already making plans, I am hoping that we all could go and make an event out of it, I would love really enjoy that. She is the the only one out of all of us that has attended, I usually watch them if they are airing on television. She has ordered from that site before and said that the tickets come on time and you actually save compared to other places. She is getting great seats because she said it is best for any even to be as close as possible and really see all the action. I think that everyone has been to at least one except for me so this is my chance to attend Wimbledon 2008, sounds awesome doesn't it? If you decide to get yourself some tickets, check out the link and see how you can score yourself some at a great deal.

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secola said...

Arrrgh! You are so lucky! Wimbledon and The Open are a must on my list!!