Resveratrol Helps Human Cancer Victim

Resveratrol has been rumored to cure cancer but nothing is sure yet. That is why for the first time it will be tested in public. A few of the forum memebers have tried it, one has tried on her dog and the dog won the fight against cancer. But will it work on humans? Who knows only time will tell, if you get a chance, you can visit resveratrol forum and read about everything and even show your support. One member is testing it out on someone who has about 4 months to live and monitering to see what will happen, I would love to know if this is a great breakthrough for the fight against cancer.

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Anonymous said...

That would be awesome of course if it is true.

I just bought some hair and nail vitamins off TV, because my hair has thinned so much from having 3 children in 4 years. It also has the Resveratrol in it, it said it was a great antioxidant. Something like the equivalent drinking 20 glasses of wine or something like that ( For the sake of the antioxidants, not the alcohol LOL)

Hope it ends up being true. My Aunt just went through a breat cancer scare this week..Luckily for her the doctors think they got it all out in her case. I should tell her to get some of this stuff!