Back Up Your Files

I have to always remember that it is a must to save my work as well as back up my files. I had some important files that I was working n as well as fixing my template. I had some codes that I worked on and took a while to get right, guess what? I forgot to charge back my laptop and this laptop when the battery dies, everything else does as well! Pissed off man! The ther laptop when it shuts off it automatically saves, I need to get a bigger memory stick for future purposes. Lesson Learned.

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Barbara said...

Hi razz, Hope your having a great morning. Yeah, I've lost lots of things because I haven't backed them up. Once I was typing a 15 page research paper for school and got to the last page, touched a button on my computer, and it was all gone. Now I back up everything. This product sounds like something that could help me with school. You have a wonderful day and thanks for all the help you offer us on blogging.