Chicago Pizza Online

Since I live in Brooklyn, I am used to the NY style pizza, I love it but what about this Chicago style pizza I hear so much about? The deep dish style that is so full with flavor, I want to try some of that....so we did! Our Package came today in the mail because you can actually order it online and have it sent to you so you get to the taste of Chicago, wherever you may be. Of course I took pictures, here is the package:

Yeah and the containers with the pizzas

and since we got the combo, this one came with cheesecake, yum!!

Of course once that plastic wrapper came off, refrigerated it because it was still frozen, it was delish!!!

In all it was 3 ronis (Pepperoni) and the cheesecake. We were full by the end of the day! The deep dish pizza picture really doe not do it justice, it was fuull of cheese layers of ronis and tons of FlAVOR!!

So You can get your chicago pizza delivered anywhere in the united states in the comfort of your own home:)


Dracofly said...

omg that looks so delicious! lol funny thing i was just watching Wheel of Fortune (i know, im a dork lol) and Vanna was talking about that pizza haha wierd

Drizzly said...

I just saw a thing about it on Food Network,,,, I usually prefer a thinner NY style crust...but this definitly looks interesting!

razz said...

dracofly~ I havent watched wheel of fortune in forever! Yes You are a dork, lol:)

drizzly~ I think I saw something too ages ago. WHile I do love NY stule pizza, the pictures that I took did not make it justice!! It was super yummy and very rich:)

Dee said...

I'm a Chicago transplant living in Alabama. The one thing I do miss about Chicago is the pizza. The deep dish pizza is loaded with cheese with the sauce on the top. Not hand tossed crust but a bottom and side crust about 2 inches high full of cheese, meat and sauce.

There are a few places that ship out but Lou's is the best. You can also get Chicago Style Vienna Hot Dogs (no mustard for true Chicago Style), Italian beef. I better stop, I'm really getting homesick.

Lele.lumz! said...

That looks so yummy! I might have to order me some of that! lol :)