Diaper Bags For Dads

My friends husband stopped by to pick up his daughter, I was watching their baby for just a little bit. I noticed that He had a diaper bag, but not the ones us moms have, but a male version. I asked him was it a diaper bag, he said yeah its called a 'Diaper Dude' I thought that was cool, a diper bag not for moms but for hip dads, and it doesnt fall off the shoulder like the ones I had, its nice and comfy. Not too bad.


Tracey said...

Hi Razz! That is a cool "dude" diaper bag! What a great present to get the daddy for, say, a baby shower!

Dracofly said...

haha thats pretty cool!

Jen said...

My husband said he wanted one of these when I was pregnant last time. I vetoed it, but I can see how a guy would like it..lol.