Olympics are Over

What now? Its so weird, I told myself that I would not even bother watching it but I was hooked. There were happy times, sad times but all in all it was enjoyable. Here is the Medal count:

United States: 36 (gold) 38 (silver) 36 (bronze) Total: 110
China: 51 (gold) 21 (silver) 28 (bronze) Total: 100
Russia: 23 (gold) 21 (silver) 28 (bronze) Total: 72
Great Britain: 19 (gold) 13 (silver) 15 (bronze) Total: 47
Australia: 14 (gold) 15 (silver) 17 (bronze) Total: 46

I know US won more medals but China won more gold ones. Whatever. No more Money Phelps...sorry, I meant Micheal! No really, Congrats to him and I know the endorsement deals that are coming his way will be enough to make him a happy camper for the rest of his life.

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