Some Women Are Crazy

So I was out today and I am walking down the street literally minding my own business and there was a couple walking by. They were just walking normally and as they got closer to me, she grabbed her man hands while looking at me, at first I was like what the heck? I thought that was super weird. But then I realized that I was smiling at the fact that they were such a cute couple, maybe she thought I was trying to steal her man??? I say this because it happened again, a girl and guy walking, maybe he gives me a look over or something and she gets upset, walks closely to her man. I laugh at this because the level of insecurity is insanely funny. Is your husband going to runaway and leave with me? If so you have bigger problems than me. Am I some Jezebel or hussy that goes aound after peoples men? Thats how it made me feel, lol. I am happily married thank you.


James Guill said...

Yes, some women are crazy. While you may be happily married, she doesn't know it, and you are quite attractive, and some women can't handle that.

Barbara said...

You shouldn't be so darn pretty razz. But I know what you mean. Women are insecure and with good reason. Men now leave their wifes or vise versa in a heartbeat these days. Women are holding on tight to their man. Have a great day
Barbara :)