This is What I look like

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When I am running my errands. *sigh* these days I do not bother with makeup or any other things that makes one feel pretty. The hat, my husbands. Split ends, all me. You cant see it from here but the tshirt is stained out the wazoo (kids, juice, etc) the weird vest... I mean what is that? My whole outfit probably costs under $20, yes this is what a real desperate housewife looks like, lol! Funny because whenever I dress like I was in the dark, thats when I see everyone I know! I mean where were you when I was actually looking decent and without the acne treatments I forgot to rub off my face. No glam.


SF said...

I totally know what you mean about no glam.

I need a complete makeover. The sad part about it is I used to known for having a great sense of style. The people who've met me the past couple of years wouldn't think so!

Hey, what's your CafeMom user name? I'll send you a friend request!

Mine is, what else? Tennisplayer!

Nicoyle said...

Normally I have my hair pushed back, jeans, tshirt, out dated shoes to run my errands. But I guess I'm lucky that I only know hubby's family around here where I live. So I don't see people that I may know.

And I haven't had a root beer from the bottle in a long while. I think when I did drink them, the brand were IRC, I think??

Magari said...

Dig the hat ;)

Lelelumz! said...

I hate running into people I know too when I'm in a hurry, hurry, no-time for glam-mode. You're right, though.....that is when you see everyone you know! :(

I think the Root Beer that Nicoyle is talking about is IBC Root Beer! It is soooo delicious! It looks like a beer bottle which always cracks me up! lol :)