Weird Home Decor

I was so bored just now because we want to make our home look less blah so I was searching around for ideas and came across some interesting pics. Here is one that is a ceiling painting in a lounge. I thought this was creepy and creative at the same time:

Now this one is my fave! I want it on my bathroom floor so badd. I think it will be interesting especially when throwing dinner parties and have guests that are slightly tipsy walk in on this

The falling guy on the floor and the pipes showing, now this is what I call art! Cool!


Lelelumz! said...

LOL! I really love the bathroom floor one too! That would be super funny for your tipsy guests....you would have to have a hidden camera focused on them walking into the doorway to catch their expression! Priceless!:)

Silk Flowers said...

Now that is creative! Are these paintings or picturs that are blown up with painting accents?

Nicoyle said...

I don't know about the ceiling, even though its a painting, I would still get the feeling of being watched. LOL, but they are cool ideas though.