What Could $50 Do For You?

So I possibly could have like a $50 Amazon GC, but what could I do with it? Better yet...what could YOU do with it? Could I give it to a hotel manager in one of those reno hotels in exchange for one nights stay? Nah. Could I got on a shopping Spree at target and tell them I dont have cash but How about a $50 Amazon GC?? Im pretty sur security will escort you out...but tell him you have.....okay okay you know where I am going with this I have a $50 Amazon GC here and I am ready to get rid of it...just dont know how.....stay Tuned!!


Dracofly said...

love the green nail polish:)

razz said...

Cool right? I was trying to match what I had on...not the same shade of green though:)

Lele.lumz! said...

lol! I was just coming to comment on the cute green nail polish too! lol Razz, you're such a trendy momma! :)

Oh...yeah...by the way, the $50 gift card sounds great! I will keep checking back to see what 'sweepstake" idea you come up with! :)