Adding Another Pet to The Home

So you already have a dog or cat and you decide that you want another four-legged friend in addition to the ones you have, because having one furry cute friend is just not enough, picture you and your pets in one of those St. Martin villa rentals! Well here is a few things that you should know to help your decision on what you want to get.

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Of course when getting a new pet, we want to make sure that the one we have can get along with a new pet. Also make sure that you have the room for another, overcrowding is never nice and you want to make sure that they each have their own space for their bedding, toys, etc.

Now here comes the hard part, what kind pet should you get and would be best. If you already own a cat, another cat would most likely cause tension as cats are used to being the only pet in the household. So getting a younger kitten is best if you already have an adult cat. A bird? Yeah I remember the cartoons, if you get one, make sure that the cage is at high reach and let bird out when the cat is not in the area. Hamsters and dogs are okay.

Dogs. You have a dog and you want a bird, I have heard that many dogs will just bark at the birds presence, don't know how one can handle this except for training the dog. If your dog is a an adult, I think that puppy would be good. Also if you have 2 puppies, there should be no problems, but 2 adults...need I say more?

Now another thing I wanted to mention is if you are suffering from your pet passing away and you want to get another, get one that compliments the previous pet and never give them the same toys that the deceased pet had. Losing a pet is hard on any owner, get a pet that compliments the other previous.

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