Boomertowne No More?

Whats the population in boomertowne these days? 0. If many of you have participated in this site that had so many promises and hopes such as getting free gift cards and other great prizes in exchange for just participating on the site. Each action was a few points, games, etc.

Here is an email that was sent which clearly explains everything.

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Thank you for your e-mail.

While Laughlin/Constable was hired by the owner to develop and maintain certain aspects of the site, Laughlin/Constable does not own the site; was never responsible for any aspect of the points program; and no longer is working with the owner or manager of the site.

The owner has not returned our calls and has not left us with forwarding information.



Well there you have it. All of those pending gift cards, are just that pending. The forums is completely full of posts with people wondering where everyone is and why no answers. I cashed out some gift cards a few months ago and its still pending, I know many people were looking forward to getting it for extra cash. I have better things to do with my time then to stick around with a site that can not even let us know that they can not afford to do this and shut down. Another one bites the dust!


Jennywrites said...

It's so sad that they could skip town like that.. Arghhh!! I'm glad you got some that you were able to use!


Unknown said...

I had a bad feeling that I wasn't going to see those cards. I had $300 in pending gc's. :-( I was going to use that money for Christmas. Oh well. I stopped doing the program near the end of July. I'm still sticking with My Points since I know they honor their cards. I've been with them for 10 years. I just cashed out a $25 gc and received it in 7 days.

This reminds me of Netwinner. I didn't do that program but they basically did the same thing. I've burned in the past by some others in the same way.

Dee said...

I joined BT and the following week they changed everything and made it harder to get the points required for the GC's. I stopped going there after the 2nd week. Too much trouble for nothing.


CompareRewards said...

I've been following Boomertowne for my website that reviews points and rewards programs and there are a couple of posts I made about BT that you might find interesting:

Boomertowne Founder Herschel Buzz Peddicord Explains Site Closure: http://www.comparerewards.com/archives/004700.html

Boomertowne Sues Ad Agency: http://www.comparerewards.com/archives/004753.html

Peddicord (aka BTVoice) seems to be blaming everybody but himself for the site tanking. Sad. I'm out $750 myself and got no response to my BBB complaint.