Does Anyone Have a Cure?!

I am dying....okay Im exaggerating but I am so sick right now, throat hurts, stuffy nose, runny nose, earache, ugh name it I got it. My kids went through this not too long ago and I knew that I was next, always happens. I am such a big baby when I get sick and god bless my hubby because he puts up with it!! LOL. He makes me tea, gets me medicine and does all the things that I normally do around the house and I still bitch because I'm sick, lol. I wake up looking like crap and don't really care, see my pic? Thats what I look like these days, gotta cover the bags and such. I can be such a drama queen when I get sick, god I miss breathing through both nostrils!! So much tissue and the more i blow the stuffier it gets.

My mom grandmother has all these "remedies" that can cure it but, some of the stuff I am not willing to take or try, sorry grams!


WTF is it?? OMG I am dying.


Lisa said...

Eat garlic! You won't have to worry about making anyone else sick either cause they'll stay very far away...lol. Seriously, though, I do eat garlic when I'm coming down with a cold and it knocks it out! Mince a small glove and put in on a spoon with a little olive oil and you can swallow it right down. you can do it every day. Try it! You'll be surprised!


Shannon*~ said...

aww im sorry. i do know for sore throats really warm water with lemon juice and honey in it is very good for your throat and will soothe it. works for me...hope it helps you:)

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I'm just now getting over a cold that I got from the kids when they had it earlier this week. Mine was only a couple of days though. What I took was that alka seltzer cold medicine and it cleared it out for me. Hope you feel better soon.

Unknown said...

Oh, just thought of a remedy, take an white onion and cut it in half. Put one of the halves in a sock (one that you don't care for anymore) and put it next to you when you sleep. That should help. One of my grandma's remedies =)