Enter the REV Contest, Win $1,000!

Moms, how does $1000 in cash sound to you? If you are shaking your head yes, well let me tell you about an awesome contest where you can actually get a chance to be a REV. Spokesperson. Its super easy to enter, read more about it and here is what I know.

Wanted: Healthy, active moms, who can tell their story, give advice and empower moms who aspire to “do it all” without neglecting themselves. How do you do it all? Get creative! Send in a video, photo, or text submission describing why you should be REV.’s next spokesperson. Sing a song, write a poem, make us laugh, make us cry, we want to hear all the ways you find energy for life.

So what are you waiting for? go ahead and sign up!! Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Thank for the site, I am going to sign up as i know that i fit the description, lol. Thanks razz

The Diva said...

Hi! Your blog has won an award! Visit www.ifeellikeawoman.us for details. Joni