Ever Seen A Ninja Cat?

Okay so I am an avid youtuber and i just love it when I can find a vid that I enjoy watching and pass along to friends, I saw this one and I thought it was hilarious!! At first I'm like what the heck is going on but you can clearly see that this cat likes to creep hoping that no one notices. I love it!! And at 2 Million views in just a week, I am guessing that others do too ^_^ I love cats, they are always doing something so cute, but this cuts the cake.

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Shannon*~ said...

LOL thanks for the laugh! I love youtube also!

Drizzly said...

Cats are insane...love it! I also like to watch ferrets...they are hilarious when they get mad!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I had to watch it twice.

Marrid66 said...

OMG! That was so cute. My cats are doing cute stuff all the time. Especially with having 4 of them! Guess I need to get a video camera.



J said...

I love that video. My dh sent it to me the other day. Had to watch it several times..lol.

Barbara said...

So cute. I play with my cat that this. I go from room to room and she follows and picks around corners. Cats are so funny. Have a great day.
Barbara :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. It's like red light/green light with the cat! I love it!