Focus. How Can I Focus?

Why is it that I need to get something done, but I just can not focus! I mean really, so many distractions and not by others but by my. How does that happen, I will start doing what I need to do and my mind will wander. As I am writing this post, I began wondering if my girlfriend got back from her vacation and should I give a call, then wondered if she did why hasn't she called me. See what I mean?

So I have to ask myself, what makes me distracted? Why can't I get things done?! Stress. I read that stress can have an impact when trying to get something done because your mind limits the ability of getting the task done. WOW.

Another one of my problems is trying to do too many things at once. I'm writing, on the phone, instant messaging my friends and reading emails, keeping the kids occupied or helping with homework. I then stop... stop everything. Inhale slowly and deeply and say to myself "Stay Focus". Does it work? Sometimes, but hey its better than nothing. I am actually supposed to be doing something right now and got distracted.


Jen said...

I know what you mean, I'm easily distracted too. I'll be doing something and then realize that I'm doing something totally different, and don't know how I got there. LOL! Oh well...it's worked for me for 29 years, why change now? LOL!!!!!

SF said...

Hi Razz!!!
It's your long-lost blogger buddy Secola! I can't begin to say why I've been away for soooooooo long. I'm just glad to be back. I'll soon be posting about it.

I miss my blog. I miss my WAHM friends. I was very touched by the email you sent checking in on me! Thanks so much for that! It meant a lot!

I'll see you on the WAHM boards and in the comments section of our blogs!!

Kim said...

I have the exact same problem! I start with one thing and end up with another....I hate when that happens!
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Dee said...

I hate when that happens when I'm driving. Suddenly I realized my mind went on a mini vacation and I don't remember stopping at that stop sign 3 blocks back or did I pass up the turn I was suppose to make. That's scary

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Single Momma of 4 said...

That's cause we are SIDE-Tracked Home Executives!