Halloween Costume Ideas

I am sure that by now, everyone knows that I love Halloween and not just me my kids as well as my husband, we are huge dorks wehn it comes to it. The bese part is trying to come up with a thems for all of us so we really just sit down and just ask, "whats hot this year?". We like to go as something that everyone will know about because what is the point of shopping at halloween costume stores when you get something people are going to ask, "who are you supposed to be?" and you have to spend all night explaining what you are, no fun at all, trust me. So we are getting our costumes online again, we always get it online, you get the best costumes this way and no lines and rush like other places, don't you hate that? And shopping online will give you more of a chance to find what you want as well as get the sizes. We have had problems trying to find sizes or they were out. Shopping for costumes at halloweenadventure.com, you will have a great selection of so many costumes for all ages, so if grandma wants to dress up, tell her about the site, I am sure we can find something for her. I am positive that when you are ready to get your costume, going there you will find something just right for you to go trick-or-treating in...oh yeah and the kids too!

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