Kids Sources For Current Events

So one of the things that My kids get as homework is current events. No big deal, I didi the same when I was a kid.....but the events going on now are so not the same as when I wrote them. Its almost depressing reading the papers because its all murders, kidnapping and heaven knows what else. My kids can't write about this stuff!!

So I looked up online and found some great places where kids can learn about the current events, and trust me you guys, this is so much better than the suff I get in the papers.

Here is a great site, mostly social studies type stuff and also what is going on now, very informative.

Weekly Reader is also a good one, there is sections for kids, teens as well as teachers for news and topics.

And my fave, The Times for Kids, very great articles for kids to learn about many different things and whats going on in the world today without all the horrible stuff. Very useful and educational, great topics to help with your kids and events.


Christine said...

Thanks for the great tips. My girls used to be on the weekly reader kids panle, but we have let it slide. You just reminded me that they could have points just sitting there. Thanks for the handy reference.

Irene said...

Hi Razz,

I am going to bookmark these for my daughter...she is on Fall break this week which means a break for mommy from homework! Yea!