My Grams Bday

yesterday was my grams bday and she always said that she did not want to celebrate it, especailly us. Every year we make a fancy to do about it, she HATES that. So this year we kept it very low key, she was not too happy but hey we love ya grandma!

Here is just a few pics, I will post more. Here is bringing out the cake, yeah the pic is blurry, I take great pics!!

Here she is blowing out the candle

Still got it, yeah and we made the cake ourselves, she rather that than some fancy store bought stuff so at least that made her happy.

Here is is a pic of her and some dear friends of hers, you can tell how excited they were to be there, i told them to smile.....

Okay well everyone in the back was smiling not too bad! I did join in on the pictures not too much though, I am all the way at the bottom right, duh, lol

Notice the three on sitting looks exactly the same in all pics taken! By the way its my grammys home, she still likes her "vintage" furniture and stuff. blech. The whole thing did not last that long, she got irritated by us, lol. Old people! Happy Bday Grams, we love you!!! Same time again next year?


Drizzly said...

LOL...nice looking family,,,if not all party animals! I think they love it no matter what they say. Do nothing and see what they say.

Shannon*~ said...

haha looks like fun:)

Unknown said...

I think you bribed someone to let you sit in their family photo and their not too happy about it!! lol! The front row made me laugh! You look happy though!

Barbara said...

awwwww. I love these pics razz, they make me miss my grandma. She was such a sweetheart. Your family looks so happy. Have a great night.
Barbara :)

razz said...


dracofly~ it was fun:) simple yet fun

angie~ LOL, you would think right, the front row had the same expression even when no pics were being taken

Barbara~ grandmothers are the best are'nt they?:)

Lisa said...

That's sweet! I'll be she really loved it...even though they don't look too happy in a few of the pics...lol

J said...

Awww! how cute are you guys! I love the three in the front row. Too Funny!!!