Stay Thin equals Normal, Fat is not

Why is it that we and by we I mean mostly women, moms, etc are so obsessed with weight and looks?! Its so sickening. Dont you wish that it was the other way around? No makeup, messed up hair-do's and eat all you want and gain weight was the norm? This will most likely happen either never or when I am long gone from this world. I admit that I am guilty of trying to control my weight from doing everything from Lipovox, diet pills and just eating small meals. I mean what is fat anyways? What i think is fat may not be fat to you but healthy. Why do I have to please others by making myself look like what they think we should look like? So sad because we judge everyone by looks alone at first sight. Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?


Shannon*~ said...
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Shannon*~ said...

omg i totally agree with you on this. It goes both ways too, when I was younger people thought and would ask me if i was anorexic. Let me tell you it really offended me because i ate all the time and wouldnt even dare think to do that to my body...funny thing i tried to gain weight at one point because of it....kinda funny kinda not lol
now i have grown into a normal weight but when i was younger, what people said really did affect me(not to the extreme) and to this day i wont judge people on what they look like because i dont want them to feel bad like i did.

razz said...

That is interesting that now because of what you went through, you wont judge, many people still do judge and even adults can get quite mean and even rude, thats why I love kids, they dont care:)

But I too have been guilty of judging at first sight, I would have thought the same about you. ages ago but not anymore