Sweat in the City

SEX in the SAUNA, SWEAT in the CITY is a new Blog by Writer Sauna Shauna. She covers avrious topics but the one that really is hot right now is this week she blogged about report and the benefits of sweating by a Biochemist from Germany, making a point that marathon runners don't develop cancers because they sweat out the toxins daily that cause it. Now isn't that something? I love using the sauna from time to time but not something that i do alot, now that I know this, I will be doing it more and trying to sweat on a daily basis and am now looking for Infrared Home Saunas. So go check out "Sex in the Sauna". Oh and a tad warning is that the site is for mature audiences but other than that you can find many great information by visiting the site and learning more about your health.

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