Things I want to Get Done

I want to get sme stuff done but most likely won't happen because I am dying. *Drama Queen*

I want to visit everyone on my blogroll and leave a comment

Kids Candy Sale is here, Call up Family...They know the deal


Get My Phone Fixed

food shopping/Cook some more meals and put them away

Clean out the pantry

Get Autumn Stuff out the closet

Do I want to get this done beofre the end of the week, Yes...Will it happen? um


Jennywrites said...

OMG! Ms. List! Putting your lists on your blog now?! Ok, Ok.. That's one way to be held accountable.

Hope you feel better!


Shannon*~ said...

yay you can so do it! lol good luck with getting it all done:)

- said...

I'm tired just reading it and it's not even my list. LOL Hope you feel better soon!

Shrinking Pamelalala

Unknown said...

Just getting through the blogroll would be an accomplishment. I started at the bottom so as to get you first this time! lol!