Want to Sleep? Get Some Exercise

Research have shown that getting some exercise can help with good sleeping patterns. These days more and more folks are sacraficing good ole sleep so they can get more work done. I too have been guilty of this. Many nights I have some work or a project to finish and maybe end up getting a couple of hours of sleep. What happenes next? I am walking around groggy, yawning and drinking coffee all day. Repeat. Does this sound familiar?

First we need to get it through our heads that sleep is not for fun or something to do, we all need it. Its just as needed as healthy eating and exercising. But if you are having trouble sleeping for whatever the reason, there is a simple solution..exercise. A regular work out has ben proven to cure those with major insomnia and it makes sense, after a workout, I want to sleep! Not only that but you will feel so much better and more energy throughout the day to do many things, including us moms.


debs said...

I went out for a long walk the other day. I must be getting old because I took a nap right after that walk. I had no problem falling asleep.

Drizzly said...

I know I feel better when I get exercise, but when you are too tired to exercise,,, it is like a catch 22.