What I Want to Do

You know, I get so stressed out at times, I guess thats the beauty of being a mom and a wife and everything else. I often daydream of what I want to do or should I say rather be doing. I swear one of these days, Im going to just drop everything, get one of those beach cruiser bicycles and just ride and enjoy the scenery, because in my head, its all blue skies and happy friendly people. Okay maybe not drop everything, but the beach cruiser is still do-able. Don't be suprised to see me on one of those in your area!


Marrid66 said...

Well you might look kind of funny on one of those in Kansas but I'll be looking for ya! lol

Kim said...

Let me know when you do this....I wanna go...lol.
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Irene said...

Hi Razz,
Love daydreaming...not sure I will be daydreaming about the cruiser, but maybe just laying out on a deserted beach somewhere!!

deb said...

Sounds like fun! I wouldn't mind going for a spin around the town on one of those bicycles.

Jennywrites said...

OMG! I sooooo hear you!! Although instead of the beach cruiser I have my eye on the Stretch Chopper http://www.cruiserstyle.com/stretch-cruisers-choppers-c-23.html.

Thanks for sharing that site. They've got good prices!


Carrie said...

I would love to do something like this, and forget all my cares, at least for a little while!
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