Autumn On A Budget

I am a seasonal person and that means that with each season, I like to have the theme in my home to express that. Many people spend tons of money buying little things here and there to really make their home look nice, well you can do the same without having to spend much. When you think of autumn what do you think of? Leaves! yes, so go right outside with your kids and start picking some really lovely leaves. My kids love this and we make a game out of it, who can find the most unique ones each time. Once you get those home, tape them to the windows and put them around the house, the different colored ones works so well. With the red, orange, brown and yellow leaves, this can make your fall look really stand out. Make a wreath with just the leaves, use craft clue and see what you can make. Get some apples and put them in a basket with some of the leaves in it, there is really so much possibilities to what you can do. Be creative and let the kids help.

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Teletwenties said...

My fondest memories of my now deceased grandmother is the inventive way she used to play with leave with us. We made what we called a leaf house, think of it as a blueprint made of leaves, combined our love of playing house with fun outside play.